So you’re online and doing alright, but there is something that just doesn’t sit right with you. People are still leaving things in their baskets and you need to know why! It’s been eating away at you.

You might relate to this:
A) You want to be more consistent, appearing in your customer’s inbox, but you’re scared of coming off as too ‘salesy’.
B) You know your products are good but you’re so busy you really haven’t got the time to delve into testing.

So, here we are. I have helped small independents, global giants and those with a niche such as CBD products and gifts for dogs.​

What do all these companies have in common?
​You guessed it. Me.

“She has fabulous skills & knew alot about my business in general.”

Working with Dionne is like…

“A breath of fresh air. Calm, collective & organised.”


Are you in need of copy that converts cart warmers to content customers?
Sales page revision
Product page re-vamps
Enhance the customer experience from the homepage to checkout


Connection Catalyst’ Sales Page & Launch Emails
‘Flourish and Flow’ email sequences and monthly marketing (learn more here)

Add ons:
Seasonal product descriptions
Survey building and research

Connection Catalyst Sales Page & Emails

Need help converting customers from your homepage to checkout? The Connection Catalyst package is the key to it all.

Picture this.

Selling online to many can be tough, there are a lot of steps in the process to engage and convert people, but increasingly this is becoming more about how you can empower the individual and provide them sound support throughout the life cycle of their investment. The foundations of all this are how you communicate with them and if your copy is doing its job exceptionally well, it should not only convert but make those incredible connections that are the catalyst for future success in your business.

How good would it be to know that your sales page copy, product pages and emails showcased what you do and how it can transform people’s lives in a way that was undeniable?

An ethical connection that actually received fanfare – not frustration when it dropped in somebody’s inbox.

You know why you do what you do and you know you do it well, but you’ve never really been good at captivating and tantalising copy.

The gems unearthed during the voice of customer research are the breath of fresh air you so desperately needed. You were holding your breath in anticipation having been let down by marketing pros and copywriters before.

This time is different. The whole process has been… well, life-defining. You feel listened to in a way you didn’t think was possible in professional services. It’s done more than boost your business, it’s made way for you to feel excitement and curiosity about whatever happens next.

Something you never felt brave enough to do until now.

Most business owners have a story about a time they went with (insert marketing expert name) and were let down or ghosted. It’s hard to trust again, I get it.

But Dionne Anderson Creative sets the expectations from the jump, here is what you can expect:

– An enquiry process that will help us clearly identify your business need
– A client agreement, so you always know what you’re getting
– An invoice up front so you’re clear on the investment you’re making
– Email updates throughout the course of the project
– A breakdown of why I’ve proposed a particular strategy
– Thorough research about your audience that will provide jaw-dropping insights* (optional add-on)
– The opportunity to book future projects or transition to being a retainer customer
– A closing call to discuss the project and any burning questions you may have


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