Start Here: The Quiz for Stressed-Out Solopreneurs

Constantly feeling the weight of running your business solo as a solopreneur, sucks! If you’re tired of figuring it out alone in your business, I’ve got a little something to help. From time management, oversights of our time spent and promotional activities, there are so many business owners that don’t schedule rest. And don’t forget, realising that we need to take our finances seriously to survive!

I created ‘Start Here’ because the overwhelm was real for me and I felt like I was constantly firefighting in my business, grappling with my mind about what was “worth it” and how to add value to my business. All I wanted was a chance to feel like I was hitting the mark with marketing, my strategy and running my business, not letting it run me! Almost every single solopreneur I’ve had the pleasure of working with has felt the same at some stage. It’s kind of funny, cos whether that person was earning thousands or hundreds of thousands – they’ve all felt stuck at some point about what to do next.

Welp! Get ready to get a better handle on how things operate inside your biz – regardless of it all looking seamless on the surface. I’ve got some tough love for you on the other side of this quiz. The biggest bonus of all though, you won’t be guessing anymore. You’ll have a plan and an idea of where to go next.

From finance to marketing and business strategy, to actually making money – figuring it all out isn’t easy. So why do so many people make it look like it is? Wonder no more, this quiz has got you covered. Start Here is set to help you recognise where your efforts and your earnings are best spent as you build your business.

I got you.