You set out on a mission to change the world. The way people access information is changing and you’re ahead of the curve.

You have built a brand based on morals and sustainability, not fast fixes and fads. What you do is a lifestyle and culture choice. Your following means everything and you know nurturing your loyal customers isn’t simply about selling. You share a mutual interest in changing the world and how the products you use today will change the world for the children of tomorrow.

You want to inform and educate.
Create behaviour change.
Teach people to shop responsibly.

So, how do you connect in an authentic way and compete with multi-million-pound brands? You tell your story. Your way. You listen to everything people have to say about what you do and why they decide to spend with you.


Legacy Leader: Report writing
Flourish & Flow email marketing (find out more here)

What is the ‘Legacy Leader’ report writing package?

Making space for marginalised voices to be amplified and sharing your mission with the world is no mean feat. If you’re looking for a copywriter to add an authentic voice to the data and bring your organisation’s story to life – welcome.

I work with world leaders to make data accessible to the masses, sharing the stories that bring about awareness and behaviour change. Whether you have an annual report that acts as a benchmark of progress, or you have something completely new to evidence with ground-breaking research, Dionne Anderson Creative can deliver the report that will set you apart from others in your field.

Dionne Anderson Creative sets the expectations from the jump, here is what you can expect:

– An enquiry process that will help me to clearly identify your business need
– A client agreement, so you always know what you’re getting
– An invoice up front so you’re clear on the investment you’re making
– Email updates throughout the course of the project
– A breakdown of why I’ve proposed a particular strategy
– Thorough research about your audience that will provide jaw-dropping insights* (optional add-on)
– The opportunity to book future projects or transition to being a retainer customer
– A closing call to discuss the project and any burning questions you may have

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