If you’ve landed on this soft life blog article – congratulations and welcome! It takes a brave soul to admit and commit to looking for a different way to do things in our personal and professional lives. The decision we make to live a different way and the unknown road to get there is a scary one. If you’re looking for a small business marketing coach, or a coach that can help you take quantum leaps to tap into your authentic offering, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.

The term soft life came to life in 2022 and has gained significant traction in the last couple of years. Millennials and Gen-Zers’ are waking up to the effects of hustle culture and negative institutional structures in the capitalist structure of labour economies. Practically every other day, I come across accounts online, or people in real life, talking about their awakening to lead a different kind of life. I’ve strived personally since having my first kid in 2018 to find a way to live my life, free of bosses and arbitrary multi-  6 and 7 figure financial goals, but full of contentment, freedom to travel, enjoy my kids and pay the bills. It is possible, you might not believe it yet – but you will.

What does soft life mean?

Soft life basically means to step away from hustle culture, to prescribe to a lifestyle that promotes ease, balance in our health and our work, leaning in to wellbeing, leaning out of toxic money chasing and centering contentment – not cash at all costs. A life without struggle and stress. I use the term ‘Rich Life, Soft Life’ as the name of my twelve week course for business owners at the beginning of their journey.

I teach people their intuition and their desires are not unfathomable, unobtainable or unachievable – but we can very often mask our true desires by seeking the success of our neighbours. In order to lead a life that feels full of space, abundant in non-materialistic wealth, fun to lead, that centres human connection and says a big NO, to burnout – we’ve really got to tap into all of who we are.

That might mean exploring our shadow-self, identifying our strengths and our weaknesses. All too often, people think we cannot do the thing we desire because we lack something- this individualistic world lens has dazzled us, when we were made to build within and for community. We have become so stuck within the realms of our own immediate needs, we unable to pool resources to collectively move forward in our business.

What is small business burnout?

Small business burnout is a shockingly high amount of people with their own small business, that have experienced or are going through burnout from various stressors in their lives’. With a mixture of personal and professional commitments to leave perceived “employed security”, high financial stakes to transition from side hustle to fully fledged business boss, the precarity of finding customers and clients and the one-person source of innovation and creativity; it’s no wonder millions of people in the realm of self-employment face burnout. 

Social media has to be understood as a source of some of that dissociation many business owners feel. The reality is, there is immense stress and burden for anyone that prescribes to the modern day measure of entrepreneurial success.

As a Gen-Z baby myself, I’ve experienced many symptoms of modern society myself and have taken steps to really dig into my purpose on this earth to work in a way that brings me harmony – not chaos. As a business owner small business marketing expert and entrepreneur, I’m already somewhat used to redefining my working life. After five years in business and two children, the shape of what works and doesn’t has led to radical shifts and quantum leaps in who I am, the morals I stand upon and who I’m here to serve.

What is a life coach?

As a copywriter, unearthing the passion of people in their business has gone hand in hand with them sharing their fears too. Feelings of unworthiness, precarity, uncertainty, fear and failure. I’ve had the honour of supporting these business owners to find brand clarity – and it opened the door for me to expand my offering as a small business coach for women. I was so uncertain and so unsure about how to show up and sell myself as a multi-hyphenate, for so many years and so many reasons. It’s daunting to not fit in any box – especially at the start of your business journey. Having a small business marketing expert support you with your mental blocks; challenging you with compassion about how you show up and what you’re worth, combined with steps to create your best marketing efforts, align with your soul calling and your ideal client is transformational (even if I say so myself).

A life coach is someone that will hold space for you to open the door on those disavowed parts of yourself and hold the mirror up for you to find the truth of your own circumstance. We rarely, truly need the answers from an outside source, we simply need someone to hold our hand while the inauthentic parts we are so committed to, to fall away. 

Small business branding

There is so much opportunity to play with your small business branding when you set out. It makes me bubble with excitement! Nobody is doing what you do, or how you do it, but do you believe it? Digging down into what feels good for you in terms of how you show up and where, is equally important if not more than who you’re trying to reach. The feelings of ambivalence and fear that make us freeze, are often attached to a feeling of being found out as a fraud when we are unsure of who we really are. It’s important to do your research before launching into every venture about the audience you intend to serve, but we’ve also got to nail down what makes us feel worthy and connected with what we’re offering too.

Building your business with the visualisation of the feeling you want it to give you whenever you establish yourself is key to making sure your principles are centred in contentment and joy, not just toxic comparison. This is one of the biggest steps you can take towards building your soft life.

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