If you’ve found this article while searching for ways to create a soft life, welcome and congratulations! You’re searching for a change because you know life must be worth more than this hustle culture. You’re not alone – there are lots of other people just like you, on the brink of burnout (again). I’m here to introduce you to a different way of doing things and when you’re ready to radically shift your world view and your outlook towards a life of simplicity and contentment – I’ll be here to share my ‘why’s’ as a coach for small business owners’. Maybe something in what follows will be the change you need, the validation that there is a different way to do things or maybe it is the seed that will slowly, steadily grow roots until you’re ready to take the step towards a richer, softer life.

What does ‘soft life’ even mean?

Soft life is the rejection of modern capitalist ideals of “hustle culture” and bro marketers that advocate for a very specific formula to create wealth. One that perpetuates the toxic cycle of worth and wealth as synonymous, with very little room for any other definition of success. This toxic social concept of meritocracy has caused many problems amongst Millennials and Gen-Z populous who are steadily awakening to the idea of reconnecting with our environment.

There has been a resurgence of social loneliness in the wake of COVID, we are fatigued by the superficial reactions to our perfectly curated online micro-systems. This applies to business owner’s – particularly solopreneur and micro teams who are competing for space online with industry giants. But people are waking up, there is a burning desire for us to rediscover our humanity in the way we shop, socialise and perceive success. People are craving in real life interactions and a slower, more human-centric approach to working in harmony with our natural cycles and rhythms. We are stepping out of gruelling, demanding corporate work structures that are a precursor to co-morbidities, sickness and imbalanced stress systems.

What is small business burnout?

Small business burnout is the lack of focus, drive and performance from small business owners due to the myriad tasks they’re often faced with trying to “get ahead” in business. There has been a sharp upturn of claims from entrepreneur’s online about six-figure, seven-figure and multi-figure success in the online social media world in the last couple of years and despite the claims often not being supported by reliable evidence, there has been a toxic implication for the wide range of small businesses online that are working in a way that supports different goals or values different metrics, seemingly incomparable to the financial milestones of other self-proclaimed small businesses meeting the six and seven figure goals.

The reality is, there is no one size or formula that is guaranteed to bring every single business this kind of financial success, but the inability to step away from comparison can cause distress and anxieties for those that want to do things a different way or have different reasons and values for their business and its purpose.

Small business success strategies for a soft life

One of the simplest ways we can experience small business success is by really taking the time to centre ourselves in our marketing strategies (yes, probably against everything you’ve ever been taught), but hear me out. Meeting your ideal customer where they’re at is crucial, but who you are and how your energy is showing up online is just as important in helping you attract the customers you want.

I meet with business owner’s every week that have absolutely no idea why they are on Instagram – or even if their ideal client can find them there. As a small business marketing consultant, I spend time reviewing the marketing strategies of small businesses. First taking time to understand the personal position of the client in front of me. It can be a steep learning curve for many business owners, but doing something because everyone else is – a sure-fire way to freeze, not foster connection.

Understanding why you’re the right person to help is part of the formula, but how and where that’s communicated could be on lots of different forums. This is where your research is critical to know what it says about where “your people” are showing up. Not only is it important to look at our external environment when showing up to “lay out our stall” of services or products – it’s critical to listen to what our body is saying feels good. Not everybody is best placed on camera, some people are better at formulating emails, or evidencing their skillset by offering a “clinic” or advice on an audio podcast or at an in-person event.

Small business marketing expert

If you’re ready to build a business or make a radical transformation in how you market your business, aligning with the right kind of community is important. It’s important for your values to be considered in the next steps you choose to take. Stepping away from prescriptive safety is a tough pill for small business owners to swallow – maybe even an act of bravery.

I launched Rich Life, Soft Life because it was very obvious that the types of business owners I love to work with were struggling with going against the grain when trying to build their business. Particularly during the first couple of years of entrepreneurship, standing tall in your own brilliance can be daunting.

As a holistic, human-first copywriter, I centre true connection across all of my offerings. I’m not a demi-god, nor am I trying to be one. I’m here to hold you accountable, every step of the way, but I’m also here to help you build something based on your own image of happiness and contentment, not mine.

The coaching course runs for 12 weeks and is delivered on a one-to-one basis. Your very own expert helping you build your business and get visible in a way that works in harmony with you!

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