Business Survivor’s Club, the party of one.

Let’s think about this for a second.

Being a business owner can be overwhelming. There are lots of things to do, and lots of hats to wear to ensure we stay afloat. I’m here to help.

I write creative copy, backed by data to help your business become a loved and valuable brand.

You know as well as I do, the sweat and tears it has taken for you to get
to this point.

And you’re doing alright… aren’t you?

But, you’re one of the brave ones. Brave enough to start a business in the first
place, and if I know you, you didn’t take the risks to break even…

Did you?

DAC Planning research

The how.

At the core of everything I do at Dionne Anderson Creative is insightful research and data, come storytelling.

What is a “data-driven” copywriter? I hear you ask! Well, let me ask you this…

Have you ever hired a copywriter that took no time at all investing in invaluable research about your loyal customer base but all the time “being creative”?


I’m guna let you in on something:

↪ Research informs solid strategy
↪ Strategy shapes copy that connects
↪ Authentic connection translates to conversion
↪ Conversion creates a loyal customer base

I don’t work without it and I’m 100% sure you’ll feel the pressure lift when handing over the reins to someone that can confidently tackle the task at hand with evidence to support it.

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