“Working with Dionne is like… having someone that really understands your core message.”
What’s the most important thing people should know about working with me?
“That you are super talented and you listen.”

— Lora GENE, B Corp clothing brand founder

So many things that are important to sustainable businesses – B Corp Brands wear your badge with pride. The world is slowly changing, but we still have to fight to be visible online as ethical companies trying to make a difference. That’s something you want to change, you know lots of people just don’t get it. Let’s change that.

  • I work with B Corp clothing brands.
  • Founders of luxury lifestyle brands.
  • Sustainability and wellness community leaders.
Dionne in the wild

Whichever way you brand yourself, sustainability and impact are at the heart of your cause. Despite the mission, your days are still a blend of the nuts and bolts of selling online – all while holding on to your principles. You have a small team, but outsourcing strategy doesn’t help. You need an expert to identify the bottlenecks and run with the implementation of those technical changes to improve the customer journey.

It’s important for you to keep in touch with your people and to keep talking about the work – on and off camera. This is a movement, not just a trend. You’re here to change how people think about consumption, community and creativity. This is the core of a B Corp fashion brand.

As a Founder, you’re consumed with 1001 tasks whilst you work in the business, thinking about your list of things to do to work on the business and PUSH forward with that GROWTH you’re working your butt off to achieve!

You know how you want people to perceive you and your brand and the tone of voice you want to portray; how you show up online to connect with your audience. The messaging in your advertisements, or maybe you’re not sure about it AT ALL…

And that’s okay.

The issue is, that you’ve got no idea where to start (or how to fit it into your already jam-packed day) to bring it all together. What’s more, which ‘tool’ packs the most punch for your marketing budget, (that ever-elusive budget that always seems to be an afterthought)?

Are you a B Corp clothing brand or a sustainable business:

  • Hesitating about investing in email marketing?
  • Losing love for your lacklustre website?
  • Unsure of why a welcome sequence wins fans for life?
  • Lost about what your lead magnet could be?

Be prepared for eye-opening research. Supportive growth strategies and messaging that hits the hearts of the clients you want more of!

dac xo

I’m a B Corp fashion brand

If you’re selling online and want to know more about ethical sales and launch copy or welcome, post-purchase and abandonment sequences that sell in the right way, you’ve come to the right place.

I own a lifestyle brand

Stories are the blood that runs through our veins. Our mission is always to empower customers connected to their power and your brand. The ability to shape an emotional response in your prospects’ hearts and minds excites us no end.

I run a community focused on circular use and exchange

I want it all and I’m not afraid to say it. Working with me will enhance your copy and your life.

For community builders all over the world who want to hand off the burden of writing about their business so that they can be IN their business, I am for YOU!