Some of the things you may be asking yourself before hitting ‘send’ on that enquiry form.

Who do you work with?

Working with other amazing business owners, forging the way in their own right in industries that range from sustainability, social enterprises, fashion, fitness and coaching really brings me to life! If you’re not sure about the way I work, why not book a Catalyst Call and have a coffee with me anyway? I love a chat and I bet you’ll come away feeling better about your business block whether we work together or not, I’m the kind of woman that loves helping people find solutions! Find out more about me and who I’ve worked with here.

What do you charge?

Project prices start at £1875 – upwards. I also offer clients that I’ve worked with before the opportunity to continue our partnership on a retainer basis with a minimum commitment of 3 days per month.

How quickly can you provide strategic support on a project?

On average, I advise a 6-week lead time on all projects. Please fill in the enquiry form if you have something more urgent that you’d like to talk about.

I’m not sure about the services I need, can I talk to you first?

Of course, you can! Click here and book a quick call.