Human-centred marketing is for people wanting to truly transform the lives of the people they help by connecting in an authentic and value-driven way, not just showing up to sell. Human-to-human marketing is just that – one human offering their knowledge and evidencing the transformations they can provide in a way that isn’t based on misinformation, scarcity or morally poor tactics.

Suppose you’re looking for someone who embodies care in the customer experience and someone that you’re happy to hear from on your way to building a business you love. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place. So hang out and make yourself at home. I’m here to help your business with insights and tips to connect and convert with copywriting, organic growth and a brand personality that people will grow to recognise as yours. Helping you thrive and prioritise the human connection we all crave.

I followed a lot of Golden Geese in my time trying to figure out what felt right for me a sea of sleaze with traditional marketing tactics. I often felt like I was doing it all wrong because nobody else seemed to care about making a seamless customer journey or telling the truth about how someone could get from A to Z with the support of their brand. I pride myself on creating a high-touch customer journey. I want everyone who shows up to this party to feel like they’re onto something great! I think human-centred marketing is the key to that!

I’ll be here to drop gems about my life in Barcelona, being an entrepreneur, copywriting for your business, ways to make your website visitors say ‘Wow!’ and how to craft a connection with an ethical email list. Don’t forget to join the Dark Side of The Light Chasers mailing list too if you want a little love in your inbox every Sunday.