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Driven, person-centred, stalling with calling yourself an industry leader or entrepreneur, right?

You have made a career out of helping others, but never quite find the time to help yourself in the ways that count. Not where building your brand is concerned anyway.

You know your services are good. Clients love what you do. You LOVE what you do, but it’s hard to know how to spread yourself any thinner than you already do. You know you can expand, get bigger and maybe even (whispers… take a day off!)

But, you’re not a strategist or a copywriter. You are in the middle of scaling or on the cusp of achieving growth, but you need to know what your clients want and then tell them all about whatever the next, BIG thing is. I know, you’re wondering how you can feel so exposed and seen, right?

It was copywriting or counsellor, I’ve got a way with words and people. Go figure.


‘Connection Catalyst’ Sales Page + Launch Emails
‘Flourish & Flow’ monthly email marketing (find out more here)

What is the ‘Connection Catalyst’ Sales Page + Launch Email Package?

As a lifestyle leader, your connection with clients is the goal and holy grail of your success. If you’re in need of a sales page and launch emails for your next group coaching programme or course, the ‘Connection Catalyst’ package is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Hear me out.

I know you’ve been tirelessly working on perfecting your offer and getting it ready to share with the world. You know you have something that needs to be shared with the rest of the world and you are constantly working on being the best version of yourself. Whether this is your first launch or your fiftieth, the pre-launch jitters are still there, but this time I want you to be entirely confident that your sales page is going to do its job – it’s going to be a hit!

The ‘Connection Catalyst’ sales page is the missing ingredient; doing its job exceptionally well by not only converting but making those incredible connections that are the catalyst for future success in your business.

How good would it be to know that your sales page copy and launch emails showcased what you do and how it can transform people’s lives in a way that was undeniable?

Copy that simply speaks for itself.

The energy people get from you and the value you provide. We know why you do what you do and I’m guna guess that you’re outstanding in your field. Problem is, you’ve never really been good at writing captivating and tantalising copy.

The gems I’ll unearth during the voice of customer research are the breath of fresh air you so desperately need. There is no need for you to hold your breath in anticipation having been let down by marketing pros and copywriters before.

I don’t go out on a limb and make promises very often, but I think you’ll see that this time is different. In a matter of weeks, we’ll be having our closing call and you may be saying something along the lines of “the whole process has been… well, life-defining”.

You can expect to feel listened to in a way you didn’t think was possible in professional services. I’ll do more than boost your business, I will have made space for you to feel excitement and curiosity about whatever happens next.

Something you never felt brave enough to do until now.

Most business owners have a story about a time they went with (insert marketing expert name here – we’ve all got one) and were let down or ghosted. It’s hard to trust again, I get it.

But Dionne Anderson Creative sets the expectations from the jump, here is what you can expect:

– An enquiry form that tells you exactly what I offer
– Client agreement, so you always know what you’re getting
– An invoice up front so you’re clear on the investment you’re making
– Email updates throughout the course of the project
– A breakdown of why I’ve proposed a particular strategy
– Thorough research about your audience that will provide jaw-dropping insights* (Add-on)
– The opportunity to book future projects or transition to becoming a retainer customer
– A closing call to discuss the project and any burning questions you may have

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